Kurone Shin (黒音深)

Name Interpretation:

黒音 - Kurone means "black sound"
深 - Shin means "depth"
Type: 〇〇LOID (TBD)
Model: 9X5 (Creator's birth year is 1995 :3)
Gender: Male
Measurements: 115 lbs (52 kg) / 5'5 (165 cm)
Voice Range: Untested (He sounds best at low octaves)
Character Item: Game Controller
Related Characters: None (So far)
Age: 14
Creator: tokome
Genre: Anison, Various
Voice Source: Philip de Leon
Birthday: January 1
Likes: Video games, reading, music
Dislikes: Annoying people
Hair Color: Black with Blue tips
Headgear: Blue and Brown Hat
Eye color: Brown
Headphones: Large, over-ear' Brown with Red highlights
Clothing: Large brown hoodie, slim black shirt with blue author's logo. Black pants and Hightops.
[alt]: White polo, sleeves rolled up, Black tie with one Brown and one Blue stripe. Slacks and dress shoes.

At first glance, Shin may look like the quiet bookish type, but in truth, he's a pretty cool guy. Friendly, helpful, and moody at some times. When provoked, his short-tempered-ness is to be reckoned with. He's also a mild gamer and will always be glued to the monitor.
(concept art by kelsey c. :D)

Download Shin Kurone!

*Please note, the following voicebanks are encoded in kana. The romaji is found in the oto.ini file. I'll try and create the romaji voicebank soon.*

Ver 0.1
-Basic voicebank
-No oto.ini file
-"ue" syllable problem present.

Ver 0.2
-Basic voicebank
-Rough oto.ini file
-"ue" syllable problem still present.

Ver 0.3
-Basic voicebank
-Updated oto.ini file with romaji support
-"ue" syllable problem still present.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Developments

I know I said that I was going to have a Saihate cover up very soon, but I came into some complications. First, the file I was adapting from was the short version. So I had to find the full UST file. But then I found the MIDI for HELLO! from 876 Productions. So I started adapting that. I split it up into 4 separate parts, but they're short. I wanna do a duet with Shin, so it'll be interesting to hear my voice piled up. I finished 3 parts already, just going to do the last part when I get home. Then the synchronization part somes in. With my voice insertion, it'll be hard. But I can't wait!

Also, one of my friends wants to do Shin's sister, Chika. Yay for relationships! :D

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